Panel Discussion: The value of art & the purpose of art fairs: why price, buy and collect art?

June 25, 2024

7:00 am

Partcipants: Tram Vu (Manzi) and Claire Driscoll (Work Room Four), Suzanne Lecht (Art Vietnam), Tran Thanh Ha (Post Vidai Collection)

Free entrance – rsvp

Few people like to talk about money. Even fewer about its relationship to art. Perhaps because it is so contested, for how do you put monetary value on creative practices and the things they result in? And who decides?

Whatever the reservations one might have, the subject matter is one that needs to be talked about.

Art is routinely adorned with price tags that range from barely enough to cover studio rent to the odd payday that allows the recipient to live much more than a comfortable life. How these decisions are made and what factors determine prices and why needs to be a topic of conversation especially in a place like Vietnam where the art market is still in its infancy.

And art is work and as such deserves compensation, or rather needs it if it is to continue. In what way that happens and how this – if done well and with care – can aid a community and keep an art scene alive is subject of a discussion we are pleased to be hosting at Salon Saigon this month.

Two of the co-founders of the affordable art fair Art For You Tram Vu of Manzi and Claire Driscoll of Work Room Four both based in Hanoi and in town for the 6th edition of the event, will be in conversation with collector and gallerist Suzanne Lecht from Art Vietnam and artist and collector Tran Thanh Ha (Post Vidai collection).

As buyers, sellers and producer of art in Vietnam, they will be talking about their respective business models, the emergence of art fairs, how to price art and the purpose of collections both large and small as well as the specificities of these questions in regards to the local art scene.


  • June 25, 2024
  • 7:00 am